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Welcome to the community for show dog and just plain dog lovers made for BY show dog and just plain dogs lovers! People can feel free to gather round and;

x. Share stories

x. Ask for advice

x. Help identify mix breed dogs for their owners

x. Help name upcoming litters

x. Announce a new champion!

x. Announce a new litter!

x. Advertise their finished stud/bitch for breeding!

x. Advertise their Stud/Bitch for "judge" recognition!

x. Advise others to poor/awesome breeders!

x. Help people new to a certain breed!

x. Critique a dog's performance!

x. Share show experiences!

x. Share advise/help others new to the sport!

x. Detail the history of a breed!

x. Offer essays on historical dogs in a certain breed/group!

x. Seek out graphic artists for advertisements in books such as;




This community isn't just limited to Dogs registered by the AKC! This a community for EVERYONE, even if your dog is ONLY a champion of the couch or sofa. We still love them! And trust me guys, the rules are SIMPLE!


1. Threatening, slandering, racial/ethnic/religious slurrs to/at/for ANYONE or ANYTHING will be permitted.

2. No pornography of ANY sort.

3. No excessive swearing/swearing AT another person.

4. Critiques are welcome, but do not BASH a dog or handler.

5. Reviews are welcome, but do not BASH/SLANDER a kennel or breeder!

-5a. Please provide SOLID proof that the breeder is what you say they are

-5b. Personal accounts with said breeder ARE permissable, but are not FACT or LAW

-5c. Please research a kennel INDEPTH before you attempt to say a word about them either way

-5d. Please DO NOT review YOUR OWN Kennel as it's a BIASED review.

-5e. Please DO NOT STALK a Kennel owner/Breeder.

-5f. Any posts with obvious malicious intent WILL BE REMOVED!.

6. ALL dog breeds and dog owners/breeders are allowed to post here!

7. There will be NO written breed prejudice! Keep it to yourself!

8. Advertisements offering UNFINISHED animals at stud/bitch WILL BE REMOVED!

-8a. SHOW Advertisements used to gain handler/dog recognition are PERMITTED!

9. All AKC/CKC(Canadian Kennel Club)/EKC(European Kennel Club) event flyers are permitted.

-9a. All show results are permitted.

-9b. All breed parent club flyers and information are permitted.

-9c. All Agility/Conformation/Obiedience/CGC information is permitted.

10. Information in mainly unrecognized canine sports are allowed to be posted.

11. HAVE FUN!!!!

Everyone has THREE chances unless they're a proven community TROLL or trouble maker... Then they have ONE and then it's a banning without warning. Stick to the guidelines and HAVE FUN and all will be well!!!!!!