Our Lady Of Perpetual Hope... (drowningmermaid) wrote in couchchampions,
Our Lady Of Perpetual Hope...

Hotter than a Bitch In Heat...

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This is Piggy.

Piggy is in heat.

She hasn't been in heat since this time last year.

She's been in heat for 2 weeks.

I'm sick of her being in heat.

When will she be out of heat? (averagely)

Also... how often are dogs supposed to go into heat?
I find it strange that she's only had it once in a year but her sisters and mother have it up to 3 times a year.


Also... (again) how much does it (averagely) cost to get a girl fixed and updated on shots?
I don't want her in heat ever again.

I'm sick of the pit bull that barks at our back patio door all day because he wants to hit that.
He's beautiful, but he needs to go home.

Sorry for the rambling.
I'm in a mood.
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