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Hello, I'm new to the community and thought I'd introduce myself and my pups.

I'm Amie and I'm 26. My husband is whyalostone and we've got a little girl named Elizabeth but we call her Lily for short. We live in Petersburg, IL and have a cockatiel and two Chinese Cresteds named Cyrus and Miss Piggy (I named neither).

My husband's mom did rescue through Crest care for years so we've seen our share of CC's come and go.
Cyrus was one that stayed. He was a famous rescue in Florida (he was even in the newspaper) as he was one of 5 that survived out of a whole slew of them. (This was before My husband and I got together) When they got him, he had mites, Kennel Cough, Coccidia and really just a potpourri of problems and he was only expected to live no more than a year. My husband nursed him back to health and completely fell in love with him. Now Cyrus is a part of the family and is about 6 or 7 years old.

Cyrus. aka "C-bo"

With Daddy

He says hello.

Miss Piggy is the offspring of two dogs that were not rescued. Her daddy, Pony, was purchased for $800.00 to be a stud (after doing rescue, my MIL fell in love with the breed). He's a dark brown--almost black--hairless. Piggy's Mom, Topaz, was purchased for a mere $400.00 and I still don't know why. She's an undersized powderpuff. Apparently the result of a prancing pony and a small powderpuff is a hyperactive-but-beautiful Powderpuff because I've got her. Of her litter, she's the only one of 4 that turned out full-size, and my husband tells me if she weren't so willful (she's got a mind of her own and refuses to be trained other than potty and 'lay down'), she'd be a great showdog.

I'd be inclined to agree.

Miss Piggy aka "Piggy" for short.

with Mommy

She's quirky.

It's nice to find a community like this. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to be active here, because... I take tons of pictures of my doggies. As if you couldn't tell.
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