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Hey everyone! I just joined. ^.^

Name: Katy

Age: 17

Birthday: November 21st

Sign: Scorpio/Saggitarius cuspian.

Where do you live?: Andover MA

Do you show dogs?: Not yet.

Professionally?: N/A

Do you breed?: No, though i'm pretty sure I will someday.

What Breeds?: English Toy Spaniels, without a doubt. I'm not sure i'd breed any others, but who knows!

Why?: I'm absolutely in love with this breed. I got my first and only Charlie when I was 11, and have adored them ever since. They're so perfectly happy, sweet, loyal, smart...They're regal but sturdy, calm but playful, clownish but refined....And very unique, to top it off. I've seen breeders out there breeding Charlies just because they can. They have a couple dogs, so they breed them, not worrying about conformation or health. "Rare English Toy Spaniels! Only $1400". It's really a shame. I know someday I would LOVE to do my very best to find wonderful dogs, and produce some more wonderful dogs. Health is something really important to me, too. I lost my wonderful Doberman to Cardiomyopathy, and i've seen Bogart struggle to walk after his knees slipped, so I know how important breeding for health is. The standards I picture in my mind are so high that I may never find dogs that fit my own personal criteria for breeding, and that's okay. I wouldn't breed anything less than the best just because that was all I could find.

Do you own a mixed breed?: Yep.

What mix?: A Dachshund/Chihuahua mix.

Do you consider your dog a couch champion?: Yes, all of them.

Do you watch at least one or more AKC event on TV?: I try to, but i'm not much of a TV person so I tend to miss them.

Do you watch Animal Planet?: Yep.

Do you have a website?: Nope. A few picture sites, though.

Do you do Advertisments?: No reason to yet. =)

What else do you do?: N/A

Can you list 20 breeds registerable or not?: Haha, of course! My favorite hobby from age 5 on was flipping through Dog Breed Atlasas page by page - learning about all the breeds.

Do you own more then 5 pets?: Yes.

Do you own more then 10 pets?: Hrrrmmm...lets see...yep! 11. Three dogs, four cats, five birds (Two Cockatiels, Noble Mini Macaw, Umbrella Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo).

Do you cook for your pets? Yes and no. They are supplemented with fresh things, but they aren't actually cooked most of the time.

Iams or Eukanuba or OTHER?: I feed Pet Promise right now and am quite happy with it.

Just some quick doggie Bios. We have three pups right now. Bambina, the adopted Pittie girl, Minnifred, the Doxie/Chi, and Bogart, a 'retired' champion English Toy Spaniel.

Bogart's Candycane Antlers.

title or description

Bambina when she was about 8 months old.

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title or description

Pibbles + Sticks =Blissss.

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title or description

Bogart says "Phooey!"

title or description

Bambi loves playing 'dress up'.

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title or description

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Ms. Minnie really doesn't like pictures. I was lucky to get this one!

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