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so Leeloo has started to be trained... but how do you teach a fire ball food hog* of a 4 month old 4 lb Powderpuff Crested puppy to stand still and pretty?

Not to mention, she has a gorgeous gait (when she's not attacking my ankles) but she ONLY wants to walk on my right side. When I make her go on the left she leans to the right- not attaractive.

Why can't they all be like Bliss & Ogou & just want the show themselves?!

not to mention she HATES the clippers. I'm in a real spot with this one... So totally debating not showing her (even though she's really cute) & just asking for a new male to bring up under Ogou.

Suggestions! please! I beg you!

* Fire ball food hog: N. Dog that bites your fingers to get to the food, moves and wiggles even when getting food, never stands still, INHALES large pieces of bait when you're off guard in single swallows.

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