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reoccuring rash

for the last two weeks my family has noticed a strange rash resembling chicken pox all over Ogou's body. I thought they were joking and to my surprise when I got home from vacationing in Arizona I found their stories to be true! puss filled round lesions all over his body & an amazing amount of blackheads. I freaked and grabbed from my horse supplies a dermatologist recommended shampoo from my tack box down at the barn and went to it. After the shampoo his skin looked a lot better and he had no blackheads. I repeate: NO BLACKHEADS. It's a miracle! Of course I repeated the bath for two days and picked at what I could find because they seemed to disappear after they burst. I also put cortisone on him and when I looked at him this morning? Rash was gone.


I returned later to find the same tell tale red bumps and speckles all over his body. NO blackheads, but the rash is very clearly there. WTF IS IT?!

I thought it could be an allergy to chlorine since my dad admitted to not hosing Ogou off when he went in the pool, but Ogou's never shown symptoms like this before! Then I thought he could be wetting his bed at night & allergic to his own urine so I checked his bed... Not a drop of urine or anything.

I'm going to wash him again in the shampoo even though it says only to use three times a week. Maybe it can help... & I'll repeat the cortisone treatment.

Any idea what the hell this could be?

PS: I figured I'll try witch hazel and cortisone for a night, then shampoo the hell out of him tomorrow and try to keep his skin healthy for the dog show. Vet's don't know squat about treating Crested skin. Morons.

I'll try to get pictures of his skin (it's mainly only on his chest and stomach) so we can better identify this crap.


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